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Dorset Knob Throwing & Frome Valley Food Festival criteria for food, drink, craft, skills & charities stallholders

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The Dorset Knob Throwing and Frome Valley Food Festival aims to promote food grown and produced in Dorset and bordering areas. The Festival also offers an opportunity for local craftsmen residing in the same area to demonstrate their skills and sell their wares.

There is a need for a varied choice of ‘food to go stands’ so if the committee/bookings secretary think we have enough of one type then your application may not be accepted. Priority will be given to those that have produce on sale for visitors to take home to cook.

From this year we will have to limit the number of stalls offering beer (3) cider (3) wine (3) preserves (3) coffee (3) and cakes (5). The committee also reserves the right to limit the number of other types of stands to avoid too many similar producers attending. This is to make sure the festival offers the best day trading for the stallholders and also offers a good and varied choice for the visitor.

Beer, cider, wine, spirits and any other alcohol producers will have to be in the main marquee as this is the area for which the event has the TENS licence.

We regret no cooking is permitted in the marque

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All Photos © Rupert Cake and Chris Ould